In My Time of Dying

Dry blood splatter
In My Time of Dying is available for purchase as a complete product with 25 unique characters and all supporting documents

Six or more months ago many Kindred left London and other cities across the UK, the Princes disappeared, the Elders vanished.  Then came the night of blood.  Across the cities of the UK, on the same night, in every city, Kindred were slaughtered.  They died under a hail of automatic gunfire, weapons held by men in dark uniforms without insignia.  They died as men in similar uniforms unleashed incendiary weapons.  Kindred died, Elysia burned.  In one night it all but ended.

A few survived.  Very few.  How many, nobody really knows.  Rumours start, tales of those who survived being hunted down and destroyed.  They started with those who had positions, maybe a primogen, maybe an ancilla. With each passing week there are less Vamp2and with each passing week they work down the power structure.  Now few remain, those who do, the lowest, the forgotten, and those who cling to the blood of their masters.  With each passing night fear grows, and so too does hunger, thirst, need.

Some received a message.  How many received it is unknown.

“Gather at The Red Tavern on this night.  If you do not then you will be hunted down, they will find you, they will end you.  If you do come then you might just survive beyond these nights of death.  The choice is entirely yours.”

Most will not go, most will be too suspicious, too paranoid, too scared, or will simply deny reality.  But a few will attend, Kindred, their servants, maybe others.  Those few from across the UK who dare to dream, to hope, will gather.  They will be hungry, wary, desperate.  They will be driven by fear, by the need for blood, to control, to serve, to taste, to feed.  They will come for pleasure, for pain, for joy, for love, but most of all they will gather at the Red Tavern and play the game of blood and hunger.

Dry blood splatter

In My Time of Dying is a fully collaborative and consensual larp for 25 to 60 players which runs over a period of 3 to 4 hours.  It explores vampirism drawing on concepts from the World of Darkness, Vampire the Masquerade V5, by White Wolf.

Vamp3This is a game about the final nights of vampires and those touched by them. It is a game about death and the power of blood. This is a game about addiction and raw need, about life and death, about power and power over. This is a game about monsters.

Most characters will not be vampires, but humans who have in some way had some sort of contact with vampires. This game will explore the nature of the contact with vampires and power of blood. For those characters who are vampires (all of whom are neonates) it might be a game about hunger, about control and domination. For those who are not, it might be about addiction and pleasure, or control and enslavement.

Blood is powerful but it is also a limited commodity, this will be true for every character in this game. An addict might want to consume. A ghoul might want to destroy his master but if he does so what happens then? Another ghoul might want to find a new master, but what might be the cost? A vampire might want to feed or to use powers of the blood, but what are the risks and implications?Vamp1

One important design aspect is that as the game progresses blood will be consumed, used, gone. Those in need, whether human or not will become increasingly desperate for this limited resource. Hunger and need will grow and as it does so too does tension within the game, this is a key design feature.

Dry blood splatter

Further Documents
Design Document
Safety Document
Game rules

We ran this larp in London UK, on Saturday 14th July 2018.  We can run it again at any point in the future.  This game is suitable for a relatively confined space and has been designed with conventions in mind, though could be run anywhere.

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A 25 player version of In My Time of Dying with pre-generated characters is currently available for purchase.  A PDF of the core documentation is available here and can be downloaded for free.  Upon purchase we will provide PDF’s of the pre-generated characters, player versions of the safety documents and game rules, and supporting documents.

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Dry blood splatter