We are Ashley Perryman and Hilary Sklar.  We have been involved in larp for over 20 years as players, designers and writers.  We will be writing about larp, in particular about safety, consent, and mechanics, but mostly this will be a place about our games and the new projects we have in the pipeline.  For some of these projects we will be looking to take on local partners to assist in logistics and planning.

We think it is really important that in creating larp we share ideas and concepts, whether this be about safety and consent, or immersion, or design, or mechanics.  We recognise that there are numerous forms of larp, all are equally valid, none is better than another, they are all part of the same thing.  This said, and despite having played in many different forms of larp,  our main interest is in the area of freeform, immersive, rules light games.

Ultimately larp is a game of “let’s pretend”, it is a concept and game known to all of humanity.  This is why we wrote Death of a Diva, a bespoke custom larp for ten people who had never larped and all of whom were over sixty years of age.  They knew the game, it’s “lets pretend”.  They were all opera fans, so we wrote them something opera related, a game about an amateur opera company doing Romeo and Juliette, and a leading lady who on stage fell off a balcony with tragic results.  They dressed up, played their characters, investigated the plot, and most importantly they had a lot of fun doing so.  This is part of what we are about, making larp accessible, making it something everyone can enjoy.

Games are meant to be fun, they are also meant to be safe.  Safety is especially important in larp and is something we greatly value.  This is why we at Omentide Games do not tolerate any form of player harassment or discrimination.

Our projects will also appear here.  We have a few potential things in the pipeline.  Check out our larp projects page for more details.